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Tango Dubai

Tango in Dubai started in 2004 by Eleanor Brodie, as a non-profit organization and currently has approximately 1500 members. Tango Dubai’s focus is teaching the art of Argentine Tango to dancers in the UAE, and to spread the philosophy of the dance style. You will find more information at Tango Dubai official webpage: This photos… Read More

800pizza – Dubai Marina

800pizza – Dubai Marina Walk, nice and cozy place with traditional Italian look and feel.

“Runaway Bride”

“Runaway Bride” is part of the project organized and executed by Dubai Photo Gathering group members in collaboration with UAEOffroaders, Advanced Media Dubai with Profoto lights and Carl Zeiss lenses. Dubai Photo Gathering members (models, photographers, make-up artists, stylists) are divided in four working groups/teams. Us, as a Tim A did two concepts. First concept… Read More

Larte – Dubai Design District

Bronze Winner “Larte” is conveniently located in the Design District, which is the perfect environment to captivate a creative audience. The venue is an ideal blend of two distinct concepts that have successfully fused into one another, creating a sense of distinctiveness and timelessness. Design by – Bishop Design, Dubai.

Toro + Ko, City Walk Dubai

Located in City Walk, Toro + Ko is a Barcelona influenced Spanish Tapas Restaurant & Bar originating from Boston. The incorporation of thought provoking bold graphic and bespoke commissioned artworks are at the center and heart of the space and the designs aesthetic sentiments. Design by – Bishop Design, Dubai.

Ocean Hair

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Fashion Shoes

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