Modelling Tips for Brides


Here are some simple modelling tips to give brides-to-be that extra edge and increase their self-confidence in front of the camera!

Strike A Pose
You have probably experienced that feeling when you see a picture of yourself and think, “Oh my, this is disaster.”

Your wedding day is certainly not the time when you can afford for this to happen. You will spend countless evenings looking back through the photos, so remember to look your best, especially if you’re the bride or the groom. These photos will follow you the rest of your life, so it’s important to be happy with them. Be careful when selecting a photographer – he or she should be an expert with whom you feel relaxed. In the end, it is when you can just be natural and have fun in front of a camera that the best photographs are made.

Is there such a law that defines how to pose in front of the lens? People, who are often photographed, are calm and relaxed in front of the lens, but if you are one of those who tends to hide from the lens, combined with all the emotions of your wedding day, posing for the photographer will likely not be an enjoyable experience for you.

Nevertheless, every professional photographer has their own techniques to help the newlyweds pose for photos in a way that makes them feel most comfortable and gives them the results they desire.

For example: crossing your legs, standing and putting the weight on the back foot and pushing your hips back will make you look slimmer and add an hourglass shape. Push your pelvis slightly forward and throw your shoulders forward – this will “elongate” your figure and you will look even more slender. If you lift your chin slightly, stretch the skin of the neck, that unwanted double-chin will surely disappear.

To get the most relaxed and captivating look in your wedding photographs, here are some tricks that will definitely help:

First A smile is the most beautiful ornament of every good photo. Your wedding day is certainly an opportunity for celebration and good cheer, so it should not be a problem to have a laugh.

Second Take the most famous celebrity pose – you can easily rotate the camera by placing one foot forward and slightly bending the knee. Lift your chin and pull your shoulders back so the body will look smaller and your posture will be more elegant.

Third A little more seductive pose – put one hand on your hip, while the other is stretched to the thigh and put your elbow behind your back. This will hide any imperfections on your hands and firm up any loose muscle in your arms. If you set your hand to the side, you will tighten the skin and thereby hide any accumulated cushion.

Fourth Your photographer certainly knows to avoid shooting too closely. Try tilting your head slightly upwards/back. In this way, your eyes will be wide-open and in the correct position.

These are a few subtle examples used by celebrities and photographers to get the best shot possible, time and time again. There are lots of little tricks, so it is best to relax and let your photographer actively guide you so you can achieve a more relaxed pose.

Choosing a Photographer
Selecting photographers or photography studios is never easy.  Try to first define what type of picture you would like as a final product. Use the Internet to select a couple of photographers, studios or styles of photography that you like, and also check the quality of the images that are produced. Be aware that the quality of the website does not specify the image quality. Today there are a million cheap but high quality sample web pages and therefore inferior work may also appear to look good. Pay attention solely to the quality of the photos!

We also recommend that you make an appointment to go to visit the photographer/studio in order to decide whose work you like. Ask lots of questions – the photographer will be happy to answer them and you will have a better insight into the personality of the photographer. Let them present their portfolio to you so you can get a better feeling of their capabilities. If you do not have a good feeling from the start, it is best to look for another photographer or studio.

There are big differences in prices, quality and services, so do not be fooled by promises of producing the best results with the least amount of money, because unfortunately there is that golden rule of “you get what you pay for”!

You will not want to be worrying about remembering how to pose correctly on your wedding day. Therefore, it is vital you find a photographer like Marko at Studio Zee who can actively guide you throughout the day, so your shots look effortlessly beautiful.

The photographer can make all the difference. If you don’t have a photographer who can make you feel relaxed, bring the best out of you and make you laugh out loud, this could be the difference between just good and jaw dropping images.

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