“Runaway Bride”

“Runaway Bride”

“Runaway Bride” is part of the project organized and executed by Dubai Photo Gathering group members in collaboration with UAEOffroaders, Advanced Media Dubai with Profoto lights and Carl Zeiss lenses. Dubai Photo Gathering members (models, photographers, make-up artists, stylists) are divided in four working groups/teams. Us, as a Tim A did two concepts. First concept was inspired by Mad Max, and Pink’s music video “Funhouse”. Second concept was “Jing&Jang” of everyday life.

Concept 1

Our goal was to show not just bride who is running through dessert,  we wanted to show strong character with personality and a little bit craziness in her eyes. We also wanted to move from fashion photography towards cinematic look and feel.

Styling: Maja Radjenovic Tzias, Daniela Rose (Accessories) 
Photographer: Marko Zirdum
Supporting photographers: Kostas Tzias, Alexandros
MUA: Maja Radjenovic Tzias, Koula Mavrou
Model: Maja Radjenovic Tzias, Aggelos 
Vehicle: UAEOffroaders Club


Concept 2

This concept is showing our walking trough the life, with involvement of emotional vampires. We showed strength and weakness, victory over ignorance. This pictures should be seen together from left to right, only than you will get the feeling how dark side is trying to take over bright side, but result is victory of good over bad.

Styling: Freya (dancer), Maja Radjenovic Tzias, Daniela Rose (Accessories) 
Photographer: Marko Zirdum
Supporting photographer: Kostas Tzias
MUA: Maja Radjenovic Tzias, Koula Mavrou
Model: Freya (white bride),  Vinka (dark bride)
Location: Provided by UAEOffroaders Club



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