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Connecting Through Photography

“At Studio Zee, we believe that great images are the key to connecting with clients; giving businesses the competitive edge they need.
We are committed to providing our clients with the most creative and unique high-quality photography on the market.”


Some of our projects:

Photo Talk
Adorama TV’s “Top Photographer” turns the cameras on photographers.
20. November 2016. by Studio Zee

In case you missed the announcement buzzing around photo sites a couple months ago, Adorama and photographer…

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Photo Talk
How to make a wall mounted DIY tripod holder
20. November 2016. by Studio Zee

When you’ve been shooting for any length of time, one thing many photographers tend to collect is tripods….

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Photo Talk
6 Ways Of Organizing Chaos In Travel Photography
20. November 2016. by Studio Zee

Organizing Chaos In Travel Photography With These Great Travel Photography Tips Come on photographers,…

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Sarah van der Loo


We are very happy with Studio Zee! We have been trusting Marko at Studio Zee with absolutely all our photography requirements for the past 6 years, whether it be for our Kährs wood flooring projects (interiors), social media content, events or team portraits! Marko fully understands all our requirements and we are thrilled to be working with such a talented, knowledgable and friendly professional.


Marko’s passion is contagious, his patience exemplary and paired with his creative talent brings out only the best in every shoot.Having worked with Marko@Studio Zee for years I know, that his eye captures a unique angle consistently delivered with professionalism to the highest quality.

Mehmet Aktash


We’re always looked to work with people who compliment our high standards and quality in design. Studio Zee have always captured our interiors perfectly and considered essential partners to our business. We wouldn’t trust anyone else, a pleasure to collaborate with